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inDepthDev is the place where world’s best developers go for insights and advice on advanced frontend topics. Our members are known as top experts on all things web. If you need help with application architecture, performance, looking for technical mentorship or simply require an extra pair of hands to help with development - look no further.

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Performance optimization

It’s no secret that website speed is a critical competitive advantage today. Users are impatient. Yet, with web applications, frameworks and build tools becoming increasingly complicated, it’s no longer an easy job to keep the performance great. Page load times and runtime performance suffers, and users turn to competitors. We can help you find performance bottlenecks and make your website faster. We’ll also help your engineers learn to debug and avoid these common pitfalls in future. It’s a win-win for your end users and engineers.

Corporate workshops, trainings & on-demand support

We strongly believe that deep understanding of technologies leads to significant jumps in productivity. And in-depth knowledge is what specialize on. We’re teachers and technology enthusiasts at heart. We like to explore, learn, and teach. Developers are curios by nature, and we have a lot to offer to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. Increase your teams morale and productivity through our hands-on trainings tailored to your needs.

Staff Augmentation

Do you need an extra pair of hands to help you deliver features in time for release? Our experts are ready to join your team ASAP and work on your next product as part of your team. They are more than just experts though. They are leaders and trainers with years of software development experience. They don’t just write code and deliver features. As part of your team, they provide technical guidance and bring best practices into the development process. Start working with us and you’ll be more confident in technical decisions you’re making, ensure code quality and improve the productivity of your team.

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