The Deep Dive #2

May 20, 2020

Type Systems overview, React.js Performance Profiling and how-to on setting up Nx-style monorepo with Angular CLI

From the blog

​Under the hood of Type Systems

In this article, we'll start exploring how JavaScript's type system compiler works. Specifically, we'll focus on type checks functionality. Starting with an overview of type systems, we'll proceed to build our own compiler which can run type checks and output messages.

​Nx-style monorepo with Angular CLI

An in-depth series of tutorials on setting up an Nx-style monorepo workspace with the Angular CLI. In this first part, Lars will show you how to create an application project, add a feature shell library and wrap it up with end-to-end tests.

​Shared logic for CRUD UI Components

This is a real-world case-study from Tobias Schweizer who explores the architecture they built to enable the usage of UI components for CRUD operations. He describes the approach in great detail highlighting OOP mechanisms they used like abstract classes and inheritance.

​Trying out Deno for the first time

As you may already know, Deno v1 is out. Our regurarly member Tim Deschryver has already decided to give it a try. He describes his experience of creating a minimal API server and covers initial setup, watch mode, modules system and debugging.

From the web

​Profiling React.js Performance

Another impressive article by Addy Osmani. This time he focuses on prifiling React performance. First he shows how to use React Profiler API to measure component render performance, then he demonstrates React's new experimental Interaction Tracing API and wraps it up with User Timing API provided by web platform.

​The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

This in-depth article touches a very important topic of shipping too much JavaScript to a browser by the way of using frameworks. It compares metrics across websites that use jQuery, Vue, Angular and React and ends up with some very interesting results. Read the article to discover how much of a performance penalty we're paying when we make these frameworks the default starting point.

​Announcing TypeScript 3.9.

TypeScript is taking over web development world. And it's developing very fast. Check out the article about the latest release v3.9 to find out about improvements in speed, IDEs integrations and some breaking changes.

From the community

​Using Angular with Web Components

Check out this ongoing discussion about Angular and Web Components. Learn about the pain points like change detection and share with us the challenges you faced while using Web Components with Angular.