The Deep Dive #1

May 05, 2020

Source map generators, Angular compilers and React as UI runtime

From the blog

​Source Maps from top to bottom

This article covers a basic overview and an in-depth explanation of the mechanics of JS code generators and source maps. We'll build our own generator from scratch.

​An in-depth overview of Angular compilers

The article takes a look at the differences between ngtsc and ngcc, explores template and decorators compilation process and teaches you a few things about Angular compilers design principles.

​Angular CLI flows. Big picture

​Builders, custom typescript transformers, custom tslint rules, schematics — how not to be overwhelmed and lay it all out in your head? This article intends to lay it out for you.

From the web

​Introducing Crank

A great overview of the main ideas behind Crank.js and a small portion of valid criticism of React.js from the heavy user of the framework. Read the article to find out why React Suspense might not be a good solution and how Crank.js aims to re-use JSX templates ideas and build upon React's strong foundation.

​The Misunderstood Roots of FRP

Amazing read that goes in-depth to explore the paradigm of Functional Reactive Programming and its constituent parts like Denotative and Continues Time Programming. It uses familiar concepts from web development to explain pretty theoritical topics in a gentle manner. The author also touches a little bit a topic of React and demonstrates how its concepts map to the ideas of FRP.

​A discussion of the Model-View-Presenter pattern

Check out the discussion to learn where the complex logic should go within this pattern and whether it's OK for a presentational component to have a container component as part of its template.