The Deep Dive #13

Jan 26, 2021

New Angular's UI library Taiga, tao of React development and computational caching fundamentals

From the blog

​Taiga UI is a new Angular UI Kit

​Learn about the concepts and practices that were used to build this awesome UI library. The article explains why you should try the kit for both new and old projects even with other components or UI libraries.

​Angular and SOLID principles

In software engineering, making things work the first time is always easy. But, what if you want to add new functionalities to an existing code? Making iterations on an existing basis can be difficult to do without introducing bugs. This is where SOLID principles come into play.

​RxJS in Angular: Part III

Previous articles in the series discussed how to change imperative code in components to functional, reactive, RxJS way. This article will show you how start thinking in a reactive way right away without resorting to imperative code first.

From the web

​Tao of React - Architecture & Best Practices

In-depth guide into best practices of developing with React. It's a collection of principles and rules that have proven to be effective for the author who has worked with React for a long time. It touches multiple aspects of software development like components, state management, performance and testing. Very interesting read!

​The Fundamentals Behind Nx’s Lightning Fast Execution

This article will explain the fundamentals behind and benefits of Computation Caching. While it'll be explaining this concept from the perspective of Nx, the Web platform, and using JavaScript code to demonstrate concepts, these concepts are still relevant outside of Nx, as well as with other platforms and languages!

​React Server Components

In this article Addy Osmani reviews the concept of zero-bundle-size React Server Components, which aim to enable modern UX with a server-driven mental model. He explains how this quite different to Server-side Rendering (SSR) of components and could result in significantly smaller client-side JavaScript bundles. Read the article to learn about server-side rendering limitations and how Server Components can help them solve it.

​Automatically detect memory leaks with Puppeteer

Most applications have memory leaks. To see a memory leak in action it's necessary to open a browser and its dev tools to execute some manual steps. It's always a complicated procedure. The author of the article found a way to to test the memory consumption automatically using Puppeteer.

​Why React Context is Not a "State Management" Tool

"Context vs Redux" has been one of the most widely debated topics within the React community ever since the current React Context API was released. The author put together this post as a definitive answer to the questions of what Context and Redux actually are, how they're different and how they're meant to be used. There's an interesting discussion about that topic on Reddit, definitely check it out.