The Deep Dive #6

Jul 23, 2020

In-depth guide into animations in Angular, reverse-engineering React and the experience of switching between frameworks

From the blog

​In-Depth guide into animations in Angular

Explore the various animation methods in Angular, their use cases, implementation, and some tips on performance, debugging, and reusability.

​Practical application of reverse-engineering principles

This article demonstrates on practice how to apply guidelines and principles of successful reverse-engineering to break down and understand React's fiber functionality from the ground up.

​Double Question Marks TypeScript 3.7 - Nullish Coalescing

This article explores the nullish coalescing operator - another upcoming ECMAScript feature that goes hand-in-hand with optional chaining.

​5 tips to boost your Angular skills

Check out these advises backed by concrete examples which can help you improve your developer skills and give you some practical tricks.

From the web

​In defense of the modern web

An excellent article by Svelte's author Rich Harris where he shares his views on some problems with the state of the art in web development today. Don't forget to check out a great discussion of the article in the following comments.

​Four Ways to Fetch Data in React

The article outlines four ways to request remote data - inline, centralized, custom hooks and react-query/swr and explores each in detail.

​An Empirical Analysis of Flaky Tests

The first extensive study of so called flaky tests, i.e. tests with unreliable outocomes that that can intermittently pass or fail even for the same code version . This is a must read if you have to deal tests failing on CI or want to understand the reasons for such unexpected behavior.