The Deep Dive #15

Mar 16, 2021

A deep-dive into the rendering process of Chrome, Angular Components Design Patterns and a case for using custom hooks in React components

Web development

​Life of a Pixel

A deep-dive into the rendering process of Chrome.

​JavaScript performance beyond bundle size

A critical look at how focus on bundle size as a measure of web performance can be misleading.

The definitive guide to streams

Learn how to use readable, writable, and transform streams with the Streams API.

​Through the pipeline

An exploration of front-end bundlers.

​Incremental Static Regeneration

An overview of Incremental Static Regeneration, it's benefits and flaws.


​Angular Component Design Patterns

An overview of a couple interesting patterns when designing a component.

​Running event listeners outside of the NgZone

Article describes how to correctly avoid redundant change detection runs.

​Angular Universal: real app problems

Article outlines the issues and possible solutions you can encounter while using SSR through Angular Universal.

​Customize your development process via Schematics

Learn how to override well-known Angular schematics with custom logic.


​React useRef Hook By Example

A deep dive into useRef that covers what it is used for, its mental model, practical examples and related concepts.

​Before You memo()

Dan Abramov shares a couple of fundamentals techniques to optimize performance before you apply useMemo.


Article makes a case for always using custom hooks in React components.

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