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All our programs feature exclusive information on Angular’s design concepts and implementation details (Ivy). This material will not only teach you how to use Angular efficiently, but will enable you to understand the framework from within. As a result, you’ll feel confident experimenting with your own solutions and taking “best practices” with a grain of salt.

Meet the instructor

“When designing a course I tapped into the wealth of knowledge gathered by Angular In Depth community over the last 4 years. I’ve spent countless hours going through the source code of Angular and learning the internal architecture of the framework. I’ve discussed design decisions with Angular core team members and major contributors. And now I’m ready to transfer my knowledge to you”

Max Koretskyi

Founder of Angular In Depth (, Google Developer Expert and long-time Angular contributor and consultant


What we offer

Self-paced text course

Interactive training program

Here’s what you’ll learn

Change detection

  • Component's template function
  • Change detection operations
  • The role of zone.js and manual change detection
  • Components lifecycle methods (hooks)

View/DOM manipulation

  • Component trees and portals
  • View containers and embedded views
  • Content projection
  • ViewChild and ContentChild queries


  • Component & directive compilation
  • Queries and pipes compilation
  • View Definition and View Template
  • DOM Renderer


  • Compilation
  • Change detection
  • Zone.js
  • Performance
Interactive training program includes

Technical mentor support

You'll go through 10 group sessions with Max and get asynchronous support in Slack

Extended Curriculum

The program covers extra topics like application architecture and examination of best practices

Discussion groups

You'll get access to the private slack chanel where you can discuss challenging problems at work

Personal career coaching

You'll get personal 30min mentoring session with Max to discuss your career advancement


5 weeks


2 times/week


8-12 persons


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Self-paced text course


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Interactive program

  • Technical mentor support
  • Extended Curriculum
  • Discussion groups
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