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It's a well-known fact that if your goal is to become really good at your job as a developer, you need to constantly learn technologies at a deeper level. Alas, advanced knowledge required to solve complex tasks is scarce. Deep dives that explain how things work under the hood instead of simply giving you information to complete common tasks is hard to come by. We know, we’ve been there ourselves and we are trying to solve that problem at inDepthDev.

Our goal is to build a place for web developers to find in-depth and unique content around web development. The place where fundamentals and advanced topics of web development are explained in gradual and easy-to-digest manner. We’re are striving to become the go-to place for content that helps solve challenging technical problems and grow as an engineer.

But we can’t do it ourselves and so we’re looking for help from the community. There are so many topics that lack in-depth explanations, so many great technologies that lack good documentation and so many tried and proven approaches that are never shared with web community. We can’t possibly know or cover everything by ourselves. We believe that everyone has valuable information to share, so we invite you to become part of inDepthDev peer-reviewed writers program.

Writing technical articles is one of the most effective ways to learn a topic. While working on an article, you pick a topic, focus on it, discover new things about it and map the findings to what you already know. You’re creating a knowledge map in your head and then you share it with the world. Isn’t that great? What you’ve learned will help hundreds of thousands people all over the globe get new knowledge and become better engineers. As a good bonus, diving deep and writing about your findings can increase your visibility within the community and have a tremendous effect on your professional career.

But we know that writing is hard. Producing good articles that people are willing to spend time reading and sharing is twice as hard. Yet we want to make the experience of writing somewhat fun and easier for everyone. Over time at AngularInDepth and inDepthDev we’ve built a community of experts willing and ready to help you on your writing journey. They are all regular writers and active members of our Q&A community and some of the best developers you'll find anywhere. If you’re struggling with a particular topic while writing an article or doing a research, post a question and they will try to help you. If you’re not sure how to structure your article or what to include or leave out, you’ll get guidance and feedback from this community of fellow writers. Peer-reviews improve your article and teach you how to make your next one better.

At a high level, we're looking for three broad categories of content related to web development:

  • So called long-reads that are usually in-depth studies of a particular topic. Producing long-reads usually requires a good amount of research, reading other articles, source code or even books, multiple re-writes to get the structure right and so on. A lot of work. But this is a scarce and golden content that stands out. This is what makes developers re-read the article over and over again. Bookmark it and share with their friends and communities. Follow a writer on social networks. For some examples of long-reads see here and here.

  • Tutorials that show readers how to use a particular technology or a tool to solve some tricky problem. This is often something you’ve done at work and want to share the findings with others. They walk readers through the steps required to solve a problem and provide short explanations along the way. Tutorials written by developers for developers are the most trusted piece of content on the web. For examples of tutorials see here and here.

  • Short “news” type of articles notifying our community about developments in web development world. For examples of news articles see here and here.

It’s also usually a very good approach to write all three types of content in sequence. First, you introduce an audience to updates in a technology, then you write a details tutorial on how and when to use it and then finish with a long-read about how it works internally.

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If you experience any issues with this form, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] We’ll review your application and get back to you with feedback. Looking forward to your awesome content!

If you experience any issues with this form, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] We’ll review your application and get back to you with feedback. Looking forward to your awesome content!