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Regardless of your current professional level, if your goal is to become really good at your job as a developer, you need to understand technologies at a deeper level. We believe that not only progress and innovation, but also the work we do everyday requires the kind of in-depth knowledge that makes it possible to solve problems without the use of libraries or frameworks. It's not to say you don't need to use them, rather you need to understand what problems these technologies solve and how they do it under the hood.

Yet, there’s a challenge. You’ve probably tried to find in-depth explanations once or twice on the web only to find a myriad of basic articles and tutorials. Advanced knowledge required to solve complex tasks is scarce. There are so many topics that lack in-depth explanations, so many great technologies that lack good documentation and so many tried and proven approaches to architecture that are never shared with web community. That's the problem we're trying to solve at inDepthDev

The authors who publish articles on our blog usually spend considerable amount of time exploring source code. It’s extremely rare for a documentation team to produce documentation on the low-level implementation details so for many developers source code becomes the only available documentation. Unfortunately reading sources is not the option for most developers due to lack of time or required knowledge. If you’ve never read the sources try it and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yet our publication gives you the opportunity to tap into that unique in-depth knowledge hidden in the sources and significantly advance your programming skills level and competitive edge.

The inDepthDev publication started as Angular-In-Depth publication on Medium that focused on advanced concepts around the Angular framework. We managed to reach 1 million monthly views in just two years. Given this level of popularity, we believe there’s a great need for advanced material in the web community.

The inDepthDev publication is a continuation of these efforts intending to provide in-depth insights beyond Angular. We’re striving to become the go-to place for in-depth and unique content around web development that helps solve challenging technical problems. We value quality over quantity. Our content is peer-reviewed to help writers make their work engaging and solid. We never publish shallow clickbait articles. We’re growing pretty fast. In just 3 months we’ve crossed the 150 000 monthly views line and have an ambitious goal to get to 1M monthly views by the end of 2020.

At this point, our focus is mainly JavaScript, the React and Angular frameworks and related technologies.


Generally, you can find three broad categories of content related to web development on the platform:


So called long-reads that are usually in-depth studies of a particular topic. For some our examples of long-reads, see here and here.


Tutorials that show readers how to use a particular technology or tool to solve a tricky problem. For examples of tutorials, see here and here.


Short “news” type of articles notifying our community about progress in the web development world. For examples of news articles, see here and here.

Do you want to write for us?

We have ambitious goals, but we can’t get there by ourselves and so we’re looking for help from the community. We believe that everyone has valuable information to share so we invite you to become part of inDepthDev peer-reviewed writers program. Let’s build the best web development publication together.

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